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  1. Chief Principal lawyer with MD & JD dual doctorates, licensed as both a Doctor and Lawyer.

  2. Former surgical Physician and director of a major New York emergency room for fifteen years

  3. Over thirty years of experience in personal injury litigation and trials, with record-breaking Compensations.

  4. Orthodox Jewish American lawyer, fluent in Hebrew, renowned in the New York Jewish community.

  5. Legal Team graduates from prestigious universities: Harvard University, Harvard Law School, NYU Law School, etc.

  6. Former Wall Street and large insurance company attorney and negotiation expert, familiar with insurance strategies.

  7. Jewish and Chinese Lawyers Alliance: Understands both lifestyle and culture, providing tailored high-end legal services for the underserved community.

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No Win, No Fee, Satisfaction Guaranteed !

Car Accident, Medical Malpractice, Slip and Fall, Workers Compensation, We have it all.

Attorney Licensed in NY, NJ, PA, TX and Federal Courts. 

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My New Channel
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Chief Attorney:

Our chief lawyer has over thirty years of legal experience, specializing in personal injury cases including car accident compensation, misdiagnosis, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, and construction injuries. He also holds a surgical doctor's license. He earned dual MD & JD doctorates from New York University, and in his early career, he served as a surgical physician and emergency room director at a major New York hospital for fifteen years.

Distinguished Background:
Orthodox Jewish American attorney, fluent in both English and Hebrew. He is renowned within the Jewish community and serves as a litigation consultant for several prominent Jewish law firms in New York, as well as a defense consultant for major insurance companies. Over the decades, he has secured substantial compensation for numerous clients.

Expertise and Advocacy:

Compensation amounts in cases are often closely related to the extent of bodily injuries. No one understands bodily injuries, structures, pain, and emotional distress better than a surgical doctor. With dual doctorates and dual licenses, our chief Jewish lawyer and surgeon brings overwhelming authority and persuasive power to the courtroom. His legal team fights for every case to achieve the highest possible compensation.

Team Background

Our Team

Our legal team includes graduates from top universities such as Harvard University, Harvard Law School, and NYU School of Law. They have extensive experience from renowned law firms and top Wall Street firms. Each lawyer specializes in specific areas, including car accident claims, medical malpractice, construction injuries, slip and fall accidents, and various work injury cases.

Our attorneys also serve as senior trial lawyers for major insurance companies such as Allstate, Nationwide, and State Farm. They possess in-depth knowledge of the internal operations, strategies, and negotiation tactics of these insurance companies, leveraging this expertise to secure the highest compensation for our clients.


Our Firm:

The GW Law Groups is part of the Jewish and Chinese American Lawyers Alliance. We not only excel in courtroom litigation but also understand the needs and culture of the underserved community. We know that hardworking clients do not want to lose their jobs, face inconveniences, or struggle with language barriers. With years of experience, we provide high-quality legal services tailored for the foreign language speaking community in New York, ensuring that each client receives the compensation they deserve in the shortest possible time.

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37-02 Main ST, 2FL

Flushing NY 11354


8780 19th Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11214

6418 7th Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11220<